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Quran memorization and tafseer



Following course is more suitable for those students who already have rational skills of basic Arabic reading. Those who have some knowledge of Rules of Tajweed and the understanding that how the proper recitation is delivered.

  • To memorize the Holy Quran with Heart.

  • To teach the immense capabilities of the proper Recitation Rules (Tajweed Learning).

  • To excel in recitation of Quranic Qirat.

  • Repetition of lessons


This course outline has been designed for the Kids who want to learn the Quran. Childhood is the appropriate age to memorize or learn the Quran, as this is the best age to memorize the Quran. Nevertheless, even if you are aged and you are willing to lean the Quran, don’t hesitate to enroll yourself. Memorization of Holy Quran is one of the advantageous woks for any Muslim. Having completed the Hifz, you would be able to understand the basics of Arabic Language. Professional and qualified teachers are available with us who will assist you towards the memorization of Quarn with Tajweed. Having many years of experience, our professional and qualified teachers are in the position to assist you as per your own demand.


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