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بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

Quranic education is very essential for Muslims.although Muslims do as much sins .they think to give Quranic knowledge necessary for their children .that is way holly Quran is precious book for Muslims which is for our is adorable for all Muslim. We are providing service for learning Quran absolutely free in local araes. We have large amount of student including kids adult male. female and old ages women’s who is learning nazra, memorization Quran .indeed its blessing of almighty Allah on us .that we are doing it in no cost, means. no fees is received by any student . And area members are not able to pay fee .after getting suggestion from our team .we have established online Quran platform for being common around the world .we have vision for teach from Noorani Qaida till Quran tafseer with correct Qirat and fluency .Alhamdulillah we are being successful in this mission. Quran platform is being an institute of globally for learn Quran. Due to blessings of all mighty Allah, This is just because of our team hard work.


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