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Basic Islamic education and Daily Supplications (duas):

Why should you learn the daily Duas And Supplications?

It is essential for each Muslim to spend his life as per the Islamic procedure. It is vital for every child to memorize the important Duas (Supplications) from the evening till night. As an example, Dua before sleeping, Dua before drinking water, Dua before and after eating meal. Dua before entering into toilet, etc.

In this course, maximum Duas will be memorized to the children.


Following are the core objectives of the course:

The children will be able to;

  • Learn the five times prayers

  • Learn the Six Kalimas

  • Learn the basics of Islam, for example five pillar of Islam

  • Lean the small Surah


This course is offered to the children in order to lean the fontanels of Islamic education.

This course is may also be helpful for new comers in Islam. Here they will be taught the importance of Islam along with the fundaments of Islamic education.

Islam is based on five basic Pillars, each of them is guiding to the all Muslims towards a fruitful life. First and the most important and core Pillar is called Tawheed, the firm belief in the cohesion of Allah SWT.

Second Pillar (out of five), is called Salat (Namaz). The Salat reinforces the relation of a Muslim with Allah SWH.

Third Pillar is called Zakat. It highlights and preaches the compassion as well as the social responsibility. By sharing a part of your hard-earned wealth with the needy people, you contribute in the society in right manner.

Fourth Pillar is called Saum. (To fast in the month of Ramazan)

Lastly, the fifth Pillar of Islam is called Hajj. Once in whole of a Muslim’s life.

All necessary Duas (Supplications) and basics of Islamic will be delivered int his course.



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