Gulshan-e-Iqbal karachi Pakistan


This course has been organized for the self-beginners who are eager to learn the basics of Islam and wish to lean the Holy Quran. If you have no proficiency of Arabic Language or have little bit understand of it, for sure, this course is specifically designed for you.

  • To classify and recognize the 29 basic alphabets which are vital to learn the Arabic language
  • To explore the way of proper application of Arabic vowel.
  • To learn the Arabic Grammar, with respect to the making sentences and Arabic words.
  • To regulate how the Arabic verses are recited in the proper way of its appropriate mode.
  • To learn the fundamental principles of Islam
  • To recite the Holy Quran with in proper way of Tajweed
  • Memorization of BASICS (e.g short Suraah, Short Ahadees, 6 Kalima with Meaning and Mafhoom


Learn the Holy Quran as per your own schedule with comfort, from your home, via Internet and just making available Mobile Phone and Personal Computer. With this E Quran Academy, we have expert and specialized teachers who will teach you the fundamentals of Arabic. At first stage, you will be taught the Arabic Alphabet. Later on, Arabic Sentence making will be commenced. The ultimate objective is to learn the appropriate way of recitation of Quran with proper Tajweed. Beside this, fundamental concepts of Islam will be communicated to you. With Online Quran Academy, you will be monitored individually. As per requirements, you will be guided properly. Pertaining to your individual learning capabilities, you will be empowered to go forward towards Arabic learning. Valued advices and guidelines will be shared by teacher that will help you out in long run.
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