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  When we want to teach our kids Tawheed (i.e. Islamic monotheism) should we have to read classical texts and books in this regard? No, this is not needed in the early stages of their lives because this requires long hours of attentiveness and hard work, which is difficult for children. Later in life, one […]

Subh Sham Ki Masnoon Duain Urdu Tarjuma ke sath with urdu translation Aab Zam Zam Peeny ki Dua Aaeyna Dekhny ki Dua Aankh Dukhne Par Dua   Adaey Qaraz ki Dua Aftar Ki Dua Azan Ke Baad Ki Dua Azan Ki Awaz Sunne Par Dua Bach,che ko Shar Se Bachane ki Dua Badan Mian Darad Ho To Barish […]