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  Jealousy is misery and enmity: Jealousy is common in children aged 1-5 years, but this emotion and feeling may be so overwhelming to the extent that it will disturb the child’s social adjustment. In this case, jealousy is the origin of all the strange and abnormal behavior of the child, because, the jealous child […]

  Dear educator, you cannot build without a model as your child imitates you and follows your steps literally.  Hence, when we speak about building faith, we have to speak about a faith-boosting example first. Likewise, when we speak about building the child’s morals, first we have to speak about the moral role model. When […]

  Dr. ‘Ali Hassoon spoke about the upbringing of Sultan Muhammad Al-Faatih saying, Since his succession to the throne of the Ottoman Empire in 855 A.H. (1451 CE), he was looking forward to the conquest of Constantinople and thinking about it. He was raised by scholars who instilled love for Islam in him and taught […]

  Every time four-year-old Khaalid goes to the supermarket with his mother, he asks for a box of candy, and his mother refuses right away. However, a few minutes later, he starts insisting on buying candy, and the mother persists in her refusal, saying to him, "No." At the mother's refusal of the child's request […]

  In the previous article, what did the child teach his mother? The mother learnt from her child that the means to have peace and quiet, and not to get involved in embarrassing situations is to execute the child's orders: i.e. to buy the box of candy. Thus, the child has established a new behavioral […]

  To develop the proper conduct of the child, you should teach him the duties that he has to do, and this takes place by being a role model and by sound upbringing and guidance. The child will not learn to be truthful except from a truthful educator. The child will not learn honesty except […]

  Importance of a role model in building morals: Dear person who assumes the upbringing process, Anas ibn Maalik  who lived with the best role model in terms of morality, narrated how he had experienced this in the character of the beloved Prophet . Anas  said, • "I have never touched silk softer than the palm of the […]

  Allaah The Almighty has made our parents the means of giving us life and made them the source of providing us with unparalleled love and a sound upbringing. However, when we grow up, we tend to forget the period of our infancy and childhood and disregard their efforts. What ingratitude can be worse than […]

  Father: I told you to clean your room.‎    Child: But I don't know how to do that!    Father: I said clean the room! Don't you understand? Does ‎this need any explanation? ‎You are old enough and you ‎can do this by yourself. If you clean your room, I will buy you ‎whatever […]

  Cultivation in Islam is very important, for indeed all of the religion is based upon upbringing. It starts first of all with of our own selves, then of our families, and then of the community at large. But this cultivation is most important with respect to our children, so that they are brought up […]