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Introduction to “Taleem ul Islam”

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Introduction to “Taleem ul Islam”

Taleem ul Islam” penned by Mufti Kifayatullah is an enriching compilation encompassing essential teachings of Islam tailored for comprehensive learning. It meticulously covers various facets of Islamic education, divided into distinct categories:

  1. Tawheed (The Oneness of Allah): Addressing eight fundamental questions illuminating the core belief in the Oneness of Allah.
  2. Angels: Expounding upon four inquiries regarding the celestial beings and their significance in Islamic belief.
  3. Allah’s Books: Unveiling seven queries concerning the divine scriptures revealed by Allah.
  4. Prophethood: Delving into ten questions elucidating the concept and importance of prophethood in Islam.
  5. Sahaaba Kiraam (The Noble Companions): Highlighting the noble companions through five thoughtful questions.
  6. Walaayat and Wali-ullaah: Exploring seven questions pertaining to divine guardianship and the relationship with Allah.
  7. Mu’jiza and Karaamat (Miracles and Miraculous Deed): Discussing eight questions concerning miracles and extraordinary deeds in Islam.
  8. Islamic A’maal: Elaborating on two questions regarding Islamic actions and practices.
  9. Faraa’id-ul-Wuduu’: Addressing eleven questions about the mandatory conditions of ablution.
  10. Ghusl: Explaining nine queries related to the ritual bath in Islam.
  11. Tayammum: Describing sixteen questions regarding dry ablution as an alternative to ritual purity.
  12. Rulings and Conditions of Salaah: Clarifying various aspects with forty-six questions covering the essentials of prayer.
  13. Beliefs and Faith: Exploring the core beliefs in Islam through various categories encompassing faith, practices, and principles.

Each category within “Taleem ul Islam” is meticulously crafted, catering to the inquisitiveness of learners seeking knowledge about Islam’s fundamental principles and practices. With a comprehensive approach and a wealth of questions, this book serves as a guide for individuals aspiring to deepen their understanding of Islamic teachings.
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