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stories of the quran for the children


AFTER THE DEATH OF SAYYIDINA MUSA (………………) Allah sent many prophet (……….) to the banu isra’il most of whom disobeyed the prophet (……………) and violated Allah’s commands. Allah seized them severely and caused them to roam about in the wilderness for forty years. Hunger and thirst gripped them and they were best with infighting, and for each other. Their enemy amalekites(amaliqah) subdued. They were from Palestine. The banu isra’il retreated from the battlefield so that their ark was also captured by the enemy they had been using it as a blessing and had sought help through virtue of it and it contained the staff of sayyidina musa (…………….) and some tablets of the torah. The amalekites were under the command of jalut who humiliated the banu israil beyond description.
When they were at tether’s end, they said to their prophet (…………) “appoint a king over us to lead us in battle.” He asked them if they may be expected to fight were they commanded to fight. They assured that, having been humiliated, they would fight definitely so, the prphet (…………) prayed and Allah accepted his prayer revealing to tell them that talut would be their king. He was a very strong man but poor and unknown. They raised objections against him on this ground, saying that there were many others among them of high rank and position, and, therefore, more deserving. Their prophet (…………) advised them not to question Allah’s judgment. Allah had chosen him and was more knowledgeable and had a batter physique. Moreover, Allah grants kingdom to which he choose.
Their prophet (………….) told them that he would use his knowledge and strength to devise war strategy and to cast awe over the enemy, because he had divine help. He also told them that Allah would get then back their ark. The angels will carry it to them, as a sign of divine support far talut. Indeed, this miracle took place and the banu isra
‘il saw it with their eyes. Then, they accepted their divine command.
Talut began war preparations swiftly. He advanced with the army through the desert before encountering jalut’s forces; he tried the banu israil for their bravery and determination. So, he told them that they would come across a river and no one must drink much water from it. They must take only a handful to clear dryness of the throt but at the river they did not heed his guidance. They jumped into the river and drank to their full.
However, a small band among them obeyed talut and drank just a handful and only they could accompany him up to the battle field. They drew ranks and talut lrd them. When the saw the huge army of jalut and their equipment, some of the banu isra’il thought of feeling but the patient believers urged them, saying, “Many a times a few people subdue a large army with permission and allah is with the patient.” They prayed to Allah:
“Our lord, pour out perseverance on us make firm our feet, and help us against the disbelieving people.”
(al- bqrah, verse 250))
Jalut had the armour on him and the sword in his hand. He was intoxicated with his strength. He challenged the banu israil who were overawe and nearly deserted their body. However, a shepherd by the name of sayyidina dawuo (……………) advanced bravely responding to the challenge. He only had his stick, with which he guided his sheep, and a catapult with which he could shoot stones to long distances. He had another prowess which was more important and strong than these two things: firm faith in Allah and an unwavering conviction. He raised his catapult put a stone in it fluttered it in the air a few times and, relying on Allah, released it in the air. Allah caused, the air to carry it and strike jalut on the middle of his forehead like a missile breaking his head in two. He tumbled down on the ground. His army saw the fate of their commander and terrible them, and they fled from the battlefield.
Thus Allah caused the banu israil to triumph. He showed that he never neglects his obedient slaves.
When talut died, this very sayyidina dawud (…………………..)Prophet of banu israil . Thing every Saturday, fish came to the shores in a very large number but. On all other days, they disappeared into the deep sea. This was a trial for, them and Allah had inspired the fish to action this manner.
Having observed this natural act a long time, they finally contrived to catch the fish they laid their nest with thorns on Saturday and on the next day they picked all the fish that were trapped in their nets. In this way, they disobeyed Allah. However, some people among them,advised them against doing this and asked them to repent to Allah and give up their innovative ways but they did not listen to them. In fact they began to do it openly.
Allah punished them for their disobedience. His wrath descended on them and Allah transformed them into apes (the word for this kind of change is metamorphosis) those people who used to preach to them and advise them against doing so and who continued to worship on Saturday, Allah preserved them from his punishment.