stories of the quran for the children

Allah sent two of his messengers (…………..)to a township. Its people were idol-worshippers. When these messenger preached to them the town folk became more unruly and more disbelieving. Then, allah sent to them a third messenger, but, rather than believe, they told them that they were mortals like themselves and that they were lying, for, allah had not revealed anything to them. The messegers, told them that they had conveyed allah’s message as was their duty. Those people then resorted to threats. They accused the messengers of being in auspicious but they said to them, “rather is light and good omen with us.”
Meanwhile, a believer came to them running and advised them to follow the messengers who asked for no reward and were guided. The people accused this believer of straying off the path and abandoning the rerigion of his forefathers. He told them that he worshipped him who created him and to whom they would return. If he worshipped others and if the merciful punished him these others would be of no help.
Instead of listening to him, they beat him and finally killed him allah admitted him to paradise. He wished that his people had know how his lord had forgiven him and honored him after that, allah punished the township and annihilated its dwellers. It was just a single shout that did all the work!
This is covered in surah yasen from verses 13 to 29)