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An online Quran teaching platform is the best online Quran recitation academy that is teaching Quran recitation, Quran reading and Quran learning to females and Kids all over the world. And we feel very proud to serve you with the services of online female Quran tutors. There are a number of female Quran teachers who can teach you holy Quran very effectively. They can deliver Quran lessons in very effective way that you can grab very easily

Why we need female Quran teacher:

Dear sister. As Quran is compulsory for mans similarly it is important for women’s too. If you are not beyond in world General education so do you want to be beyond in Quran education as well?

No infect you need Quran as much as it is need for mans and your Kids.

Can I read Quran now?

Is it possible now… that you can recite Quran in cover with proper Qirat and tajweed in front of any stranger? , Yes it is possible now that our Quran academy provides you brilliant female teachers. Who recite Quran in glorious way they have certified from recognized institute.  They have proven their skills, and it shows by result of those students who learnt from beginning and passed out with good remarks. We serve the way from you can learn and recite Quran anywhere from your home. If you are facing any kind of difficulties must let us know. We will defiantly give you solution for that. You continue your study in any age of your life.

Holly Quran is the words of Allah. Which leads us towards the light of blessing .prophet Muhammad said (who is the best Among  you. who read and teach Quran).  this website  is specifically designed for learn online  Holy Quran for all  girls women’s and kids .we have ideology for give you glorious online Islamic education . Our dearest sister’s and daughter   from now you do not need to go any Islamic school or institute for learn recitation Quran . Al-hamdulilah  through this platform you will be eligible for read Quran with fluency   and correct manner way  of Qirat  comfortably at home from all around the world . we have designed easiest and authentic  course outline . for kids , adult and all ages of women’s . We have ambition for provide best online Islamic studies including reading of Quran  . that is way we have keep Qualified Tutor  who will deliver you completely conceptional base knowledge of Quran recitation rule with tajweed . We provide you trail classes for few days. Fell free check our teaching rules. We will defiantly try to satisfy you for sure.