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Will easily four categories submissive to God and happy life.


If I look at people.

Will easily four categories: 1. submissive to God and happy life.

2. and an unhappy life.

3. the prodigal God and happy life.

4. the prodigal God and an unhappy life.


Will easily four categories submissive to God and happy life.>>>>

If you’re no. 1, that’s normal because Allaah says: «work viable female or انثيٰ is locked flnhiinh the good life welngzinhm their best work and if you are the No. 4 this also normal because Allaah says: «and introduce the memory it has living hardship and we stuffing him on the day of resurrection اعميٰ» if you’re no. 2, probably two things:-either that God loves you and wants to test your patience and your score for saying «does with something of fear, hunger, lack of money and lives and fruits And human perseverance»-or obeying an imbalance and sins and the Tzuf I misses in repentance from God, therefore test you to return to it for meaning: «disasters befall sinners of doom الادنيٰ without suffering the biggest may refer» but you from the owners (3) so beware because this might be a phishing. 

This is the worst position to be in and very serious consequence. The punishment of Allah come inevitably were not considered before it is too late!

The Almighty said: «when they forgot what they said they opened the doors of its all حتيٰ if they began rejoicing as Ottawa we took them suddenly if they mobilson» from what I’ve read of …

(He mentioned the anniversary good believers) of … (Translated by Quranplatform)