an online quran teaching platform is the best online Quran recitation academy that is teaching Quran recitation, Quran reading and Quran learning to females and children all over the world. And we feel very proud to serve you with the services of online female Quran tutors. There are a number of female Quran teachers who can teach you holy Quran very effectively. They can deliver Quran lessons in very effective way that you can grab very easily

Dear sisters if you want a female Quran tutor for yourself then don’t worry at all. quran teaching platform is here to teach you Quran recitation from females. We know the main reason of having classes from a female tutor is that you feel comfortable and don’t hesitate and that is the only condition required for effective and quick learning. Therefore quran teaching platform is trying to spread knowledge of Quran among you from female Quran tutors online. Now it is very easy for you to learn Quran from a female Quran tutor from the comfort of your home.

Dear sisters its OK if your son is taught by a female or a male teacher but you prefer to teach your daughter from a female Koran teacher. Most of the parents prefer female Quran tutor for their daughter. We have specially designed online Quran courses in which we have the best online female Quran tutors for your kids. They are very friendly and well behaved. They can deliver Quran lessons to your kids very effectively. They will give full attention to your kid individually so that your kid can learn Quran with tajweed. By attending Quran classes online with the help of Allah your kid will be able to recite Quran with tajweed.

Our female Quran teachers are very proficient and hardworking. They are very trauned for Online Quran Learning. They are friendly to you and also you daughters. They are also expert in tajweed and tarteel of Quran. You can adjust the timing of your online Quran lesson whenever and wherever you want. Our female Quran tajweed tutors are present round the clock to serve you. You are free to ask any questions regarding your life in the teachings of Islam from our female Quran tutors. To read the Quran online from female Quran tutots and To learn Quran online and know how to read Quran correctly you are welcomed to Join us today in our online Quran courses and start a three days free trial.

  • Unbelievable Fast Track Learning Method. Learn Quran in 3 months only
  • Learn Online at your home on your preferred time
  • No need to drive kids to the mosque.
  • No shared classes. All classes are one to one
  • Available in All Europe, USA, UK , Canada and other countries
  • You just need a Headphone, Internet and a Computer / Mobile to learn
  • 24 hours Online. High speed Internet connectivity. Electricity backup
  • Quality Control Department. Monthly students test for Quality assurance
  • Highly Experienced and trained Teachers. Hafiz And Alim e deen.

One week free classes
You can register with us for 7 days Free Trial. Please fill above registration form. Take classes 7 days free of cost and decide to continue with us or not. If you are not satisfied, You may leave us after 7 days without payment.

Teaching method
Online Quran teaching method Our online teaching system is very easy. You don't need to download / install any software. You just need to Add our skype Id quranplatform in your skype. Talk to us what is flexible time for you to learn from us ? And come online every day on that fixed time. Our teacher will be online and waiting for student. Teacher will use Skype Screen Sharing option to show the screen to student in real time and Headphone, Mic. Teacher also uses some Drawing tools to explain each word and ayah to student. That' All. –